Catamaran at sunset

Catamaran Cruise in Spain

Catamaran at sunset

Get ready for an adventure and climb aboard for a catamaran snorkeling cruise in Spain you will never forget. This is one of the most popular corporate events activity for the relaxing side of the weekend – perfect for incentive and reward weekends, to give your team a real treat.

You will set out to sea in a world-class catamaran with a highly skilled crew of friendly Spanish sailors. Plus of course your Blazing Events guide.

Be sure you have brought your cameras because as the sails are raised your adventure begins as you shoot off into the Mediterranean. Sailing on a catamaran across the clear blue sea under the sun is quite an experience. Catamarans are generally much faster than other sailing boats and it’s quite a thrill to ride one.

And the snorkeling is excellent at many points along the Spanish coast. Your team will dive into crystal clear waters, by the cliff-sides to see fish of all hues and colours, and other colourful creatures. Swim around to your hearts’ content, before relaxing on the boat with full lunch and drinks provided.

We organise these catamaran tours in many locations around Spain. Just get in touch and we’ll send you out a detailed description of your options and a no-obligation free quote.