flamenco show

Flamenco Dinner Show in Spain

flamenco show

If you want a real glimpse of the Spanish heart and passion then you simply must experience a flamenco dinner show in Spain. You can be assured of an evening you’ll never forget.

Flamenco is the Spanish dance that has captured the imaginations of the world. No dance can quite compare with its passion and energy.

At one of these dinner performances you will sit down to a fine 3-course meal of Spain’s best cuisine, accompanied by fine wines. When the performance begins the lights are dimmed and as the guitarists and singers begin the atmosphere becomes electrifying.

If you haven’t seen flamenco live before, you can now witness some of Spain’s best and most respected dancers, dancing a blend of Southern Andalusian and Murcian flamenco. Many of our groups who witness the performances are shocked by the electric energy of the real dance. It is truly something to see and hear.

And one of the most Spanish experiences you can have. We arrange these flamenco dinners in several cities across Spain, just get in touch and we’ll send you a free quote and more information right away.

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