Try These Great Ways to Motivate Your Team!

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Image representing great ways to motivate your teamYou know that your team is a really fantastic group of people. They’re creative, inspiring and can really dig deep when it comes to facing a challenge or a tight deadline!

But sometimes everyone can use an extra little bit of motivation. Whether you’re looking to reward your team for their great effort, or want to give them a positive boost of encouragement,  check out these great ideas for motivational activities to add some extra energy to your workplace.

Celebrate their successes – big and small

It’s really important to give credit and highlight when a job has been done well – even if it just one step along the way of a much bigger journey.

In fact, you could even argue that it’s especially important to celebrate the smaller wins, as it can help provide the much-needed encouragement to carry on with a task, even if it is a little more challenging.

You can celebrate your team’s successes in all kinds of ways – why not treat them to a great night out or a delicious dinner?

Provide enticing incentives

Incentives can provide a great motivational factor – but they don’t always have to be financial.

While the promise of bonuses or extra pay can certainly be positive, people may often want to see incentives that help them to progress in their own long term goals instead.

Why not motivate your team with a training and development programme that will help your team members to advance their skills and gain new knowledge? Not only will it help to further their performance – it can also feel encouraging and empowering, as they will be able to make better decisions and discover new opportunities to advance themselves.

Fight off boredom!

Your team might love the work they do – but when you’re facing the same routine every day, it can get a little boring!

So mix things up a bit – and throw some excitement into things. A creative and fun team building day can be an awesome way to inject some variety into the workplace.

Team building events are a great way to bring your team closer together, and help them improve their skills. You might not think it immediately, but a fun and light hearted activity such as an outdoor treasure hunt or group kayaking can actually be a useful way to build on communication, problem solving and other essential team skills.

But they also provide an essential way to help your team recharge and revive their senses, helping them to relax and unwind, and restore their sense of well-being – so that they can return feeling more motivated than ever.

To inspire yourself a little further, take a look at this brilliant slide show featuring snippets from some of the top CEOs in the US – definitely some great food for thought there.

Are you looking to motivate your team through some inspiring activities? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you put together a really memorable event for them!

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