Flamenco class

Flamenco and Salsa Dance Class in Spain

Flamenco class

As the sun begins to go down and the warm Mediterranean wind wafts in over the streets, the towns and cities of Spain truly come alive. And the best way you can join in and feel the Spanish spirit is with a great dance class in Spain.

In a great atmosphere with wonderful Latin tunes and plenty of drinks and cocktails to liven the night, you’ll learn how to dance all the best Spanish dances. Salsa, Flamenco and more with friendly, local dance experts.

The great thing about dance classes in Spain for corporate groups is that your team will be doing something so much fun that really requires everyone to let their hair down and get involved.

It’s a wonderful team spirit building exercise, not to mention the very best way to get ready for an epic Spanish night out. Which rarely finish before the sun rises again.

The classes are for beginners and are really made for pure enjoyment, while teaching you a great little skill that you can impress people with back home when you return.

We can send you a free quote and more info right away if you tell us what you’d like and where in Spain you were thinking of going!