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Robin Hood Team Forest Adventures in Spain

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This completely unique adventure day will bring out the best of team-spirit and competitiveness in any corporate group. The Robin Hood team forest adventures in Spain will have you kitted out in Robin Hood outfits and sent off on an adventure where your wits and courage will be put to the test.

You will become the world’s most famous gang of outlaws for the day – what could be more fun than that? Dress, act and fight like Robin Hood and his merry men.

A team of professional actors and adventure guides will lay many clues and puzzles for you to follow and work out. A whole variety of amazing riddles, challenges and surprises await you as in two teams you race to beat each other.

These include orienteering, assault courses, rope circuits, archery, swashbuckling fencing, rappel chord drops, tree climbing, boat races in the river, and more!

For more details on this spectacularly fun day out get in touch and we’ll send you the details with a free quote.

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