Giant Escape Room Challenge in Spain

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Experience a unique Team Building Activity in Spain with our custom-built Escape Room!  Our friendly, experienced, and multi-lingual team will set up an immersive Escape Room Experience, complete with clues, challenges, hidden objects, and intricate details. Set in a futuristic world where robots perform tasks previously done by humans, this game features robot actors, a game master, and all necessary … Read More

Creating Emergency Shelters in Spain

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Experience an engaging and hands-on Team Building activity in Spain that challenges creativity and collaboration! Participants will design and construct Emergency Shelters using recycled materials, including cardboard for structure and insulation, and PVC sheets for waterproofing. Teams will need to consider space requirements, ensuring the shelters can accommodate two people, while prioritizing accessibility and strength. Once built, the shelters are … Read More

Money Heist Team Challenge in Spain

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Experience an exhilarating Team Building Activity inspired by the hit Netflix series “Money Heist”! This thrilling adventure will transform your day into an unforgettable event for the whole team! Participants will be divided into teams, each becoming their own “gang”. Each gang will be given a fictitious amount of money to bet on a series of challenges that test their … Read More

Eco Team Heroes in Spain

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Help your team bond, with this interactive outdoor Team Building Event focused on sustainability in Spain. ECO Team Heroes challenges participants to navigate a journey tackling tasks related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Using iPads, teams will follow a route and earn points by completing various events that are all based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.At the end … Read More

Robin Hood Team Forest Adventures in Spain

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zip line

This completely unique adventure day will bring out the best of team-spirit and competitiveness in any corporate group. The Robin Hood team forest adventures in Spain will have you kitted out in Robin Hood outfits and sent off on an adventure where your wits and courage will be put to the test. You will become the world’s most famous gang … Read More