Off the Beaten Track: 5 Reasons Spain Has it All

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Sun, sea and city breaks – Spain really has it all. But how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of this beautiful country when it comes to hosting an event or team building? We know people value travel experiences more than ever before – in fact, travel is more important to millennials (who are fast making up … Read More

These 4 New Tech Trends are the Event Staples for 2017

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From virtual reality to the ‘festivalization of meetings’, the events and conference industries are turning more than ever to tech trends and solutions, emotional intelligence and multi-levelled experiences to stand out from the crowd. But in a world where buzz-words rule how can you tell if using AR or VR will actually enhance your event offerings? We’re going to look … Read More

Try These Great Ways to Motivate Your Team!

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You know that your team is a really fantastic group of people. They’re creative, inspiring and can really dig deep when it comes to facing a challenge or a tight deadline! But sometimes everyone can use an extra little bit of motivation. Whether you’re looking to reward your team for their great effort, or want to give them a positive … Read More

4 Tips to Make Your Business Event Incredible

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Are you planning on hosting a business event soon? Making sure that your event is memorable and has an impact is one of the most important points to consider – after all, you want your event to convert potential leads and maximise your brand exposure. So read on to find out 4 great tips on how to make your business … Read More

Try These Team Building Activities to Inspire and Motivate

Is your team stuck for fresh ideas or in need of a boost of motivation? Team building activities are a brilliant way to refresh their creative juices and get some new ideas going again! From trying your hand at something new and different, to getting an alternative perspective on the familiar, team building can be a useful way to change … Read More

Why Teamwork Matters – and How to Inspire The Best

You might have the most talented group of people working together – but there’s one vital ingredient that you still need to succeed. Teamwork. Teamwork is about more than simply being able to share a task with each other, bounce ideas or work in the same space. Effective teamwork not only helps your organisation go further and be more productive … Read More

Try These Incentives to Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Is your team stuck on motivation and in need of a bit of positive encouragement? Providing incentives can be a great way to help restore their drive and creativity again – but incentives are more than just the promise of a financial boost! In fact, financial incentives are often the least productive and useful ways to inspire your team to … Read More

Why Team Building Activities Can Transform the Way You Work

Team building activities can seem like a fun, enjoyable break from the daily routine of your working life – but can they really help improve your organisation? Short answer – yes! Team building isn’t just about learning to tackle obstacle courses with your colleagues, or getting to the bottom of a light hearted adventure. While these are definitely entertaining and … Read More

Help Your Team Get Together With These Festive Team Building Ideas!

The festive holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen your team spirit – it is after the season for caring, sharing and togetherness! And when it comes to your team, it’s also a time to reward them for all their hard work over the year. So why not do it in style with some brilliant activities that will show … Read More

How To Use Team Building Activities To Inspire Creativity!

Is your team feeling a little stagnant and lacking motivation? Have you lost your creative mojo? One of the best ways to inspire a new lease of creativity amongst your team is by showing them how well they can work together, and challenge each other to move forward. Team building activities are great for this – by involving everyone in … Read More