Virtual Team Building Events

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Woman on video call with colleagues

What’s your company’s most valuable asset? Your employees. And to drive the success of your business, you want your employees motivated, inspired and energised. Which is why investing in team building could be the most important decision you make this year. Team-building events strengthen communication, build trust and inspire productivity. They boost team spirit and morale. They encourage cooperation and … Read More

Virtual Team Event – Escape room espionage

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Catch the Spy: Team Building Your Team’s Mission:  Catch the spy and save the day.  Your Challenge:   Use teamwork to recover the stolen prototype, clear your name and find the real spy. Easy-peasy. You work for a promising biotech company. But you’ve been accused of stealing a highly valuable prototype and being a spy for your company’s main competitor. … Read More

Virtual Team Event – A plastic-free whale of an adventure

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Plastic pollution in sea

Environmental Mission Impossible: Team Building Your Team’s Mission:  Rescue a pregnant whale by reducing your plastic footprint. Your Challenge:  Find and save a whale before it’s too late. The year is 2034. A distressed pregnant whale has been sighted, slowly dying of plastic intoxication. Unfortunately, her exact location is far from clear. And with fuel in short supply, the only … Read More

Virtual Team Event – Build a crack team to hack the codes

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Smiling face of a computer hacker

Hack the Code: Team Building  Your Team’s Mission:  Use your cyber skills to out-hack the hackers! Your Challenge:  Sync your team to hack the coded message and land the highest score. Hackers are a special breed: intuitive, smart, ambitious and skilled. Above all, they’re cunning out-of-the-box thinkers and elusive out-of-the-box doers! But getting them to work together is a whole … Read More