Vineyard Tour in Alicante


For any corporate group visiting this part of Spain, one of the best really Spanish experiences you can have is a local vineyard tour in Alicante.

The owner of the vineyard himself will show you around one of the longest-established and most valued vineyards in Southern Spain. You’ll learn all about the wine-making process, from the vines, right through to the bottling and the cellars.

It’s a very cultural, fun and enlightening tour, and the best part is yet to come. The wine tasting lesson at the end. You’ll learn how to truly open your senses to taste and judge the quality of wine, while trying several of the best the region has to offer.

Following the tasting a wonderful lunch spread of authentic Spanish food can await you in a nearby restaurant.

Allow us to set up your vineyard tour in Alicante, just send us your details and we’ll reply right away with a free quote.

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