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Wine Tasting and Tapas in Alicante

tapas tour

One of the most popular evening events in Alicante is wine tasting with tapas. You simply can’t have a more pleasurable evening for your taste buds.

After a busy day team-building settle down in a richly atmospheric winery and restaurant and allow our local Spanish wine specialist to lead you through an thoroughly enjoyable and educational evening that you will never forget.

You will learn how to look at wine, to judge its texture, colour and consistency before you even taste it. Then how to inhale the aroma, identifying all the individual aspects that make up its richness. And of course – how to taste the wine. One thing you know for sure you will never experience wine quite the same way after this evening.

The true art of the wine expert is to open up all the senses to experience it to its fullest, something you will now be able to do any time in future. And the local Spanish wines are to die for.

Accompanying the wine of course is the tapas – some of the finest local tapas dishes from around the region of Alicante, carefully selected to perfectly complement the wines. With specially prepared hams, cheeses and a few seafood items that were in the sea that morning.

Allow us to send you a free quote with more information on this amazing evening, just send us an email and we’ll reply right away.

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