Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa Day in Alicante

Luxury Spa

If you want to give your corporate team or private group a real treat, perhaps to begin your corporate weekend in style, then give them a luxury spa day in Alicante.

Feel all stress leave your body in a flood of pampering, sensual massages, skin-rejuvenating oils and Jacuzzi bubbles. There is no doubt everyone in your team will leave glowing from head to foot and feeling like a new person. Ready for an exciting day exploring gorgeous Alicante.

At the spa, which we’ll take you to directly from your hotel, you can relax in the stress-relieving bubbles of a giant Jacuzzi, enjoy a sensual full body massage at the hands of a friendly, professional masseuse, and experience a whole variety of wonderful skin-rejuvenating oils.

For more information on this day of pampering, get in touch and we’ll send you a free quote right away.

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