team treasure hunt

Alicante Team Treasure hunt

team treasure hunt

For an incredibly good fun, true team-building experience every corporate group should get involved in the Alicante team treasure hunt.

Your group is split into teams, given team names and then handed a treasure hunting kit. In the kit is a map of the city, a sheet of questions, tasks and investigations, an extra bonus question sheet and another sheet with emergency details for the city.

As your teams follow the quest, they will compete with each other to find answers to all the carefully designed questions. The route will take you along the gorgeous Alicante beach, into tunnels under the mountains, through the castle at the top of the city, and down the winding streets of Alicante’s beautiful historical old city.

This activity brings out the best team-building and friendly competitive sides in people, while also giving you a unique chance to really get to know this wonderful city. And several colourful characters – actors in our treasure-hunt team – await you along the way with riddles to solve!

At the end, when all teams have completed the quest, you can rest over a great Spanish meal in one of the central squares while we tally the scores and then award the winning team with a real treasure chest full of goodies.

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