8 Fun Team-Building Ideas for Adults

Let the team-building begin!  It takes more than just a nice dinner to bond your lovely group closer together into a more tightly-knit, trusting, supportive team of corporate dynamos.

TeamBuidlinginValenciaThe simple act of taking them on an events day or weekend itself builds team spirit, because you’re doing something exciting together outside of the workplace.  And you start bonding when you’re sharing a fun experience – it’s human nature!

But they way you go about your weekend and what you choose to do on it make all the difference between a slightly closer team, and a refreshed, powerful, bonded, super-excited team of top-performers.

Here are 8 of the best and most fun corporate team-building ideas taken from a lifetime of organizing successful team-building events, the last 7 years of running hundreds of corporate events for my own company, and thousands of happy, more closely bonded workers;

1.      Take them on an adventure abroad

TeamBuildingRaftingValenciaTrips abroad are exciting, especially to somewhere like Spain.  And they’re memorable!  Think of any time you’ve gone on a trip abroad with friends – didn’t the shared adventure bring you closer together?

When you take it to Spain, you give it a special bit of team-building magic, and you save money too while giving the illusion of spending more (don’t worry, we’ll keep that a secret from your team)!

2.      Treasure hunts

There are few better team-building activities than a well-planned and well-run treasure hunt.  Imagine your team in close groups, exploring an exotic new city, finding clues and answering riddles from actors, roaming through the most gorgeous areas of the old town.

TeamBuildingValenciaGymkhanaSeeing the sights while furiously competing against the other groups and the clock. Treasure hunts are so much fun, and ideal if you’re looking for a more budget activity but don’t want to skimp on quality and results.

3.      Gymkhana competitions

Competition brings out the best of bonding and working together in any team.  And gymkhana beach competitions do this better than almost anything else.

If you’re not sure what gymkhana is, check it out in more detail here.  You’re basically moving around 5 or 6 awesome and totally unusual beach activities specially designed to bring out the creativity, close cooperation and competitive spirit in every team.  Ranging from gigantic beach ball competitions to team skiing races.

4.      Paella-cooking competition (or any exotic food)

paellaAfter an exhausting day competing at the beach, a normal dinner out together is fun but nothing new.  If you want to add an incredible air of competition, team work and pride to your dinner, try a paella cooking competition.

Get your team trained by a top class specialist chef, and have them compete for the most delicious dish.  Of course, any other exotic and fun food will probably work too.

5.      Yacht sailing races

The day cruise around the Mediterranean makes it an unforgettable treat.  Then involvement in sailing the yacht and racing against the other team or teams makes it an incredible bonding experience.  For groups who deserve a very special reward, consider this one!

rhforestspain6.      Olympic games competition day

Back to land and the great outdoors!  Find a high quality event planer to organize your olympic games, and it can be one of the most fun and intense team-building activities.

Get your groups competing in all sorts of physical, cooperative games involving forest and water, climbing, archery, human tower building, and plenty more.

7.      Water races – Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing!

Time for a truly refreshing activity.  Nothing quite brings a group together like a white-water rafting race!  These outdoor water-based activities are some of our most popular ones with corporate groups like yours.  They’re intense and shockingly fun like no other.

Valley-First-Winery-Tour-Slides-038.      Vineyard wine tasting

And the last one is a little different.  After all that hectic rushing around, bring your team together for a beautiful cultured afternoon strolling around a scenic vineyard, being taught everything about how a tasty Rioja is made, from start to finish and of course, a good tasting.

Sometimes the best team-building ideas are simply sharing the most memorable events together.

Do you need some amazing team building activities arranged for you?

We organise world-class team building events at a budget, in Spain!

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