4 Great Outdoor Team Building Activities to Enjoy in the Sun!

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Summer is well and truly here, which means that no one wants to be stuck indoors unless they really have to!

So why not take your team building activities outdoors too? There are some really amazing and fun things you could be enjoying together as a team – read on to discover 6 of our favourites!

Get a Clue!

Scavenger hunts and mysteries aren’t just for kids – they’re a brilliant way for your team to get together, and test out a huge range of skills.

From problem solving, to communication and team working, getting outside and trying to work together to figure out what’s behind the great mystery – or unearthing all the hidden treasures – is a really fun activity.

To make it more competitive, split your teams into groups – and see who can get to the bottom of the secret soonest!

Flash Mob Time

We’ve all seen those amazing videos of flash mobs popping up in unexpected places – train stations, airports, shopping malls, schools…

So why not get your team together to put on a special flash mob event?

This is so much fun. You’ll get to bring together people with a range of abilities and skills, and help them to co-ordinate together, and learn how to work as one big team.

It’s also massively rewarding when you get to see people’s surprise! To make it even better – why not tie it up with a special cause that’s important to your organisation?

Be warned though – the hardest part is keeping it all under wraps until the big day!

Outdoor Adventures

Want to really challenge yourself and see what you could discover?

An exciting, adrenaline-packed outdoor adventure experience is a truly memorable team building activity – definitely not something you could forget for a long time!

Outdoor challenges, like white water rafting, kayaking and obstacle courses are a brilliant way of pushing yourself, and your team beyond your comfort zones. You’ll find yourselves in completely different environments – especially if your day-today life involves being in an office all day!

Not only are these activities physically challenging, they’re also a really great way to get to know your team members better. After all, there’s no better ice breaker than getting soaked on a raft with everyone else!

Gardening Time

Being outdoors and working as a team doesn’t mean that you have to exert yourself all the time – you can have just as great a time while enjoying a more relaxing activity.

Putting together a garden is a great outdoor activity, that’s ideal if you’re looking for something a little less physically strenuous.

It’s also richly rewarding – and a lovely way of doing something that gives back.

Why not get your team together to plant a garden for a local charity, hospice or school? Give team members different tasks to test out their skills – from landscape design for creative people, to problem solving tasks for the more practically minded!

Have you ever had an outdoor team building experience? What would you like to do as a team? Share you thoughts with us – we’d love to know what you think!

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