Great Incentives to Give Employees and Motivate Them

Motivating Your TeamYour employees all work pretty hard, right? Without all their brilliant ideas, inspiring effort and awesome dedication, it’d be a pretty different story.

But sometimes we all hit a little bump in the road. Creativity starts to run dry. That spark that keeps everyone working as a great team seems to have fizzled out a little – and motivation seems to be dropping.

That’s the perfect time to remind your employees how much you really appreciate them – and give them a fantastic reward to show it.

Read on for some great ideas on how to reward people for all their hard work – and how it’ll help to boost motivation again!

1.    Show that you’re flexible

No, you don’t have to show off your amazing bendy skills! Showing your employees that you’re flexible means giving them the extra lee-way to adapt their working hours to fit their lifestyle and needs.

It’s a subtle but important reward. It shows that not only do you value the work they do for you – but you also care about their lives outside of work, and want to make sure both parts work as well together as possible.

2.    Celebrate great ideas – even if they didn’t work

One big motivation downer is when you come up with idea after idea – only to find that in practice, they just don’t work.

It still takes a huge amount of creativity and effort to come up with all those ingenious ideas though – so why not give them the recognition they deserve? An annual award for the best idea is a fun way to show that you really love all their brilliant brain storming!

3.    Treat the team to a special event

Team building events are definitely hugely motivating – and for lots of reasons. Going away to somewhere new and different gives everyone a change of scenery – and lets you all savour the experience without being distracted by all of the usual work issues.

It’s also a great chance to try new things – and for people to learn all sorts about each other! Whether you’re off having an epic adventure or relaxing over a delicious evening dinner, your whole team gets to relax and really refresh themselves. 

4.    Relax in the office

We all know that life in the office can get a bit stressful at times – and all that stress can really start to cramp your motivation  levels.

A great way to break out of that? A reviving and revitalising in-office therapy treatment!

Before you start rolling your eyeballs, in-office massage and therapy treatments are a lovely way to add a relaxing break to your workday, without breaking up the flow of things too much. Try a soothing massage to re-energise tired minds and aching bodies, or treat people to a fancy pamper to boost their feel-good levels!

Want some more great ideas on how to reward your employees? Have a read of this interesting list – you’ll be surprised at how a little extra gesture can make such a huge difference!

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