How To Use Team Building Activities To Inspire Creativity!

Image representing creative team building activities

Is your team feeling a little stagnant and lacking motivation? Have you lost your creative mojo?

One of the best ways to inspire a new lease of creativity amongst your team is by showing them how well they can work together, and challenge each other to move forward.

Team building activities are great for this – by involving everyone in different roles, you can show people their value and worth, learn useful new skills and have fun – setting the foundations for a renewed sense of creativity and imagination.

So how can you do this? Read on to find some great tips on making the most of team building activities.

Learning to listen

One of the most important skills needed when working in a team is the ability to communicate.

And communicating isn’t just about who can speak the loudest or get their ideas put across first.

It also means developing the art of listening to someone – and really hearing what they have to say. Team building activities really need a lot of communication – if you’re going to succeed in a task, you need to be able to tell others what to do, as well as listen to advice and instructions!

Group activities that get people sharing instructions or working on a large task together are a brilliant way to nurture this.

Learning new skills

If you’re feeling a little stuck in a creative rut, then one of the best ways to get out of it is by learning to do something completely new and different – even if it isn’t a skill that’s related to your normal work life.

Learning something new is both rewarding and challenging – and it helps to see things from a beginner’s perspective again. Why not try taking a cookery workshop together as a team? Not only will it be a great way to inspire everyone – you can also enjoy a delicious meal at the end of it too!

Learning to have fun

Play is one of the most essential qualities of creativity – after all, coming up with new ideas and being imaginative means you need to be able to play with possibilities, in order to come up with something new!

So why not treat your team to a session dedicated simply to having fun and learning to play again? By easing off tensions and daily pressures, you can relax and enjoy a positive and more creative atmosphere as part of a team – something you can then take back to the workplace.

Letting go of the pressure to achieve goals or targets by taking part in activities that are fun, but not competitive, is a great way to do this. Try a treasure hunt, forest adventure, or even a snorkelling cruise!

What are your favourite ways to re-start creativity when you’re in a slump? Tell us in the comments! 

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