Six Fantastic Outdoor Team Building Activities

Valencia Team Building

Outdoor team building activities really do create that special, exciting, truly memorable experience every event organiser is after, don’t you think?

Of course, the problem with outdoor events in the UK is that the weather can come along and ruin even the best made plans. This is why I highly recommend going somewhere warm like Spain so you can be 20 times surer the day will go smoothly.

For team building events, the very best of outdoor activities offer a combination of some excitement, something new and original, some fierce competition and some great team-bonding, and most importantly, lots and lots of fun.

Here are some terrific outdoor activities which have proven time and time again to get you these results;

1.     Historic city treasure hunt

It’s so much fun to be put into teams, given a detailed sheet of carefully constructed riddles and quiz questions to answer, with lots of funny bonus point activities, and then set lose in a beautiful old part of a Spanish city!

Time and again we hear about how much groups love this event. It’s a great way to see a city, while competing against other teams and having a tonne of fun too. Make sure you hire a great event organiser with a truly creative treasure hunt and plenty of actors on route!

2.     Beach gymkhana games

Another favourite – especially because it’s on the beach!  Play all sorts of creative, fun games that require great teamwork, coordination and communication.  With friendly, enthusiastic guides pushing you along to beat the others.

3.     Paella cooking competition

In the evening, having paella is a very special Spanish treat. Better yet, cook it yourselves!  In teams, directed and judged by one of Valencia’s finest paella chefs.

It’s a fantastic and very original treat, which combines relaxation, wine, teambuilding competitive fun, and that deep pride and satisfaction of enjoying delicious food you yourself have cooked.

4.     White water rafting

For something rather more intense, do you have the courage to try out some white knuckled white water rafting? Something so exciting and memorable, and with a healthy dose of coordination and teamwork too – lest you all go in the river!

5.     Formula 1 racing day

Ready, set, go!  With great competitive spirit, teamwork, and coordination, you have to build your formula one racing car from scratch, and then race around the track with it!

A wonderful game, fun for all.

6.     Robin Hood team forest adventures

Become the world’s most loved group of outlaws for the day!  And take on an adventurous series of clues, puzzles and challenges laid out by a team of professional actors and guides around a forest.

It doesn’t get more outdoors than this! You are truly in the wilderness, enjoying rope circuits, archery, assault courses, orienteering, tree climbing, boat races in the river and plenty more.

Any one of these outdoor teambuilding activities will give your team the fun, bonding, rewarding experience they deserve. And for something truly special, why not combine all six into one terrific weekend!

Interested in having a Spanish event weekend planned out and managed for you on a budget?

Get in touch, we’d love to help!

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