How to Inspire The Best in Your Team With Team Building Activities

Inspiring Team Building ActivitiesAs a team leader, you already know that motivating your team is absolutely essential to your overall success.

But motivating your team isn’t just about getting them to be more productive or even creative! Ultimately, it’s about making each person in the team feel valued, respected and inspired.

By recognising and showing people that their contribution is valuable, and encouraging them to develop their skills further, you’ll have a team that works brilliantly together.

And one of the best ways to inspire your team is by leading them through team building activities! Read on to find out how you could use them for your own team.

1. Have fun

Team building can sometimes sound like it’s far too serious!

But in fact, one of the best ways to help galvanise your team is not by focusing on the formal aspects of work and all your daily responsibilities – but simply kicking back and having some fun instead.

When you can get together and simply have a laugh over something, without having to deal with all the pressure of having to “achieve” a goal or target, it really helps people to relax, let go of any tensions and create a positive atmosphere.

Why not set your team on a secret spy or treasure hunt? Fancy dress costumes a highly recommended optional!

2. Listen to each other

When we’re all caught up in our own point of view, it can sometimes be difficult to take in what others have to contribute.

Being able to actively listen to each other is a really important quality of a successful team, and team building activities are a great way of unlocking this skill.

Activities that get people working together and sharing instructions are brilliant for doing this – they’ll help set the foundation for an essential quality in the workplace.

3. Learn new skills

Learning something new is always a richly rewarding experience – it gives people the opportunity to recognise and develop their existing strengths, and take them to a new level.

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be limited to skills that directly apply in the workplace, either! Creative activities like learning to cook or paint are a fantastic way of nurturing creative team members, while more practically-oriented staff might enjoy doing something that let’s them get hands on with problem solving.

4. Reward them

A little appreciation can go a long way, especially if your team have worked extra hard on a special project!

So show how much you value their effort, by rewarding them with a great experience to enjoy as a team.

Not only will they have great memories of a fantastic few days away, enjoying their reward as a team cement the fact that this is something they have achieved together through their group effort, and can really inspire them to share and move even further together.

How do you like to keep your team inspired and motivated? Share your ideas with us, we’d love to know!

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