How Team Building Activities Can Really Help to Inspire Your Team

Image representing team building activities

You’ve heard plenty about team building, and how it’s supposed to help your employees bond and work more effectively – but does it really work?

Short answer – yes! But to discover three of the important benefits that team buildings can offer you business and your personal lives, you’ll need to read on!

Building trust and communication

Trust and communication are essential qualities for any team, whatever activity you’re involved in. So how can getting muddy on an outdoor adventure in the woods help your team communicate better in the boardroom?

One of the biggest obstacles to effective communication many of us face is the natural sense of unfamiliarity and resistance we might feel when we don’t know or understand someone’s particular skills.

But by working with each other on a team building activity or task, you can then start to communicate with each other in a clearer and easier way – and enjoy the rewards of it in a really fun way too!

Understand your role in the team

Taking part in a group task that isn’t directly work-related gives a great space to explore each other’s skills and get to know one another better – you soon start to see who is a natural leader, who might be full of surprising, creative ideas, and who is best at keeping everything in order!

By doing this, your team building activity can be a great way to support and establish a new team, as each member of the team gets to see how they fit in to the group as a whole – and the entire team can appreciate what each individual brings.

Learn new skills

Participating in team activities can be a great way to learn something new – whether it’s a task or skill that could be directly related to your role, or something seemingly quite different!

For example, you might be able to improve or build on your communication or presentation skills, by sharing ideas and instructions over a group task. But you might also pick up other skills which can benefit individual and teams in a wider way, by improving the feeling of trust between team members, improving self-confidence and raising motivation.

And this is one of the ultimate benefits of any kind of team building exercise – whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or learning to cook together. Team building can make a huge difference to your relationship with each other, and as a team as a whole – it can help you recognise and appreciate what everyone has to offer, and how rewarding cooperating with each other can really be.

To enjoy these and more benefits through team building, it’s really important to select the right kind of activity that will work for you and your team.

So if you’re feeling curious but not sure what might be right for you, why not give us a shout? What are you hoping to get out of a team building experience? We’d love to know!

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