Why Motivational Activities are a Must-Do for EVERY Company


Your company is the people in it. Your success depends on them, their skill, their passion and their motivation and morale. And the simple truth of motivation is that people get excited on a deep and meaningful level for what they are doing by more than just money.

Put your wallet away!

In fact, if you have the money to give them a raise, stop and think for a moment. Put that wallet away. Time and time again, we’ve seen how people get boosted by feeling recognised and appreciated, by liking the people in their team, by trusting and liking their leader, by understanding the WHY of what they are doing – by identifying with your mission.

Let’s get creative

Instead of putting that money into a raise or a bonus, why not think how to use it creatively for more impact – perhaps something that costs nothing will make them work twice as hard. Like showing your appreciation more, giving them more responsibility, asking for more input on direction, sharing your successes with rewards and celebratory activities, and sharing your disappointments too. Bringing them closer into the whole mission and journey of the company.

The biggest-impact morale-booster

One thing hits so many of these real, deep psychological boosters to morale and motivation. That is a good team-building trip and activity weekend. If you want to measure the % increase in morale for the cost, motivational team-building events knock even pay raises out of the park.

A team-building weekend abroad packed with well-planned motivational activities does wonders for office morale and bonding.

Rewarding your team

Motivational activities packed into a trip acts as a great reward for good performance and the kind of behaviour you want to encourage.

It shows you care, and that you notice and appreciate. It makes your team like you more too.

The trip lifts emotions

Going on an adventure together naturally bonds a group together, and lifts emotions in all sorts of bonding, motivating ways.

Motivational activities really do motivate!

When your staff get stuck into fun, carefully developed and well thought out activities, especially those involving teamwork and competition – treasure hunts, beach competition games, white water rafting races, etc. – they learn to work together towards a goal, and in a very motivated and focused way. While having fun!

That’s the sort of energy you want them bringing back to the workplace.

Builds trust

Of course they also learn to trust each other, and their managers, which is essential for a truly motivated environment. Distrust is the biggest killer of any office morale.

Builds self-trust and confidence

When you take your teams into these different environments and activities, the usual team hierarchy of status and leadership gets swapped up and changed around. Very often people who perhaps are shier in the workplace find themselves contributing more and even leading a team.

This builds self-trust and respect among your staff, and creates a very fresh new energy and dynamic to take back to the workplace.

They have fun

You want your staff to be having fun and to associate having fun with your workplace. Both in liking you more and liking the people around them more. And liking themselves in your environment more. Simply having fun in an activity does all this and more.

Can you see how much more powerful activities like this can be in boosting motivation than simply paying a bit more?

Would you like some advice on how to create a super-effective motivational activity weekend?

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