Get Outdoors To Motivate Your Team This Summer!

Image representing going outdoors this summer to motivate the team

The season’s in full swing – the sun is shining, skies are blue and the air is filled with bright energy!

And at this time of year, you can’t blame people for not feeling quite so inspired when they’re stuck indoors, can you? Sitting at your desk behind a pile of paperwork, or getting out in the fresh air – not exactly a tough choice!

So why not take things outside instead? When you’re looking to inspire and motivate your team with some fresh and exciting new ideas – getting out in the open can be a brilliant way to get the creative juices flowing.

Read on to discover just what you could be doing in the great outdoors!

Head on safari

Going out on safari doesn’t have to involve a trip to the beautiful plains of the Serengeti – you can experience a great safari encounter by heading out with your team into the beautiful countryside, wherever in the world you are.

Heading out on a 4×4, get away from the urban jungle to refresh your mind and body with the beauty of the natural world instead. A safari experience can give your team a really rejuvenating experience, that allows them to come back to work feeling rested and ready to go!

Get green-fingered

Want to get involved with an engaging team building task – but doesn’t need the physical capabilities of a modern day gladiator?

Not all outdoor team building activities needs to involve difficult physical challenges or obstacles! Instead, you can get outdoors, explore your creativity and work together as a group by creating your own garden, or volunteering at one.

From planning the layout of a garden, to deciding what kinds of things should be included, taking care of plants and maintaining the space – there’s lots to enjoy.

And it can be a wonderful way to enjoy restorative time outdoors, while inspiring confidence in your team!

Enjoy a water adventure

Getting outdoors doesn’t mean you have to stay on dry land! Why not take your team out on the water instead for some exciting fun on the waves?

From exciting snorkelling activities to calm and relaxing sailing, fast and furious kayaking or simply relaxing on the beach – there is plenty to enjoy and discover.

Give your team a truly memorable experience that will show just how much their efforts are appreciated.

Get on your bike

For those who don’t like to sit still for long, getting your bike out on a trail and simply exploring the world around you has a really enticing allure.

So why not make it an activity for the whole team to enjoy? A cycle tour is a great way to explore a new place – turn any area into a modern day treasure hunt by arming groups with maps and clues to find something special, and report back at the end of the day on each others’ findings!

How do you like to get outdoors? What are your favourite ways to motivate your team and inspire them with fresh new ideas? We’re really curious – let us know!

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