Why Team Building Activities Can Transform the Way You Work

Image representing team building activities that can transform the way you workTeam building activities can seem like a fun, enjoyable break from the daily routine of your working life – but can they really help improve your organisation?

Short answer – yes! Team building isn’t just about learning to tackle obstacle courses with your colleagues, or getting to the bottom of a light hearted adventure. While these are definitely entertaining and memorable things to do, they can also help to transform your team, and the way you can all work together.

Read on to find out 5 of the great benefits of team building activities:

They encourage and improve communication

Communication is central to any kind of team work – and when it fails to run smoothly, it can really impede any successful flow of ideas.

But by getting involved in activities that positively encourage sharing ideas, asking questions, giving feedback – and most importantly, listening to what everyone else has to say, you can start to see the benefits of better communication, and transfer them to the workplace afterwards.

They help improve problem-solving skills

If your team struggles to get past a challenge and work out solutions to problems, then a problem-solving activity, like unravelling a murder mystery – is actually a great way to encourage this skill!

Problem solving requires creative thinking, and the ability to analyse all the information available. By practicing these activities in different environments – from solving a physical puzzle to tackling something more cerebral, your team members can develop the ability to apply these skills later on.

They are a great ice breaker

Getting together a new team of people can always have a bit of a slow start – especially as it takes time for people to familiarise themselves with each other’s skills and personalities.

A group activity is great way to break the barrier and get to know one another. And by seeing each other in action in a fun, stress-free setting, you can also see each other’s talents – and remember them once you’re back in the office!

They encourage creativity

Creativity is a vital force in any team – and sometimes it can get a little stagnant, especially if you’ve faced an intense workload together.

Getting stuck into a light-hearted and exciting activity together as a team provides a great break from the challenges that often build up in the workplace, and encourage a more relaxed, creative approach to things once again. By putting your skills into unexpected tasks – from learning how to cook, getting through an obstacle course or having an outdoor adventure – people can see once more where their own creativity lies.

They’re a fantastic way to motivate your team

Team building activities are all about encouraging, motivating and rewarding your team.

Choose an activity that everyone will look forward to and enjoy, and it will be a positive part of working life. By using team building activities as a way of sharing ideas, learning new skills and getting to know one another better, they can help to improve confidence and rise up to face new challenges with ease.

How do you like to work on team building? What are your favourite activities to do?

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