Try These Team Building Activities to Inspire and Motivate

Image representing a team building activity that inspires and motivatesIs your team stuck for fresh ideas or in need of a boost of motivation?

Team building activities are a brilliant way to refresh their creative juices and get some new ideas going again! From trying your hand at something new and different, to getting an alternative perspective on the familiar, team building can be a useful way to change the way you look at things – and help you and your team to come away feeling inspired.

Read on to find out about some of the most inspiring team building activities to try.

Experience the great outdoors

Getting out doors and immersed in nature can be inspiring regardless of what you do, but it’s even more of a motivational treat when you normally spend much of your working life indoors and at a desk!

So get your whole team outside, taking part in an engaging and challenging activity. An exciting activity like mountain rafting, abseiling or kayaking will certainly get adrenaline rushing around – and make a welcome change of pace from the usual tasks.

But you don’t need to get involved in a fast-paced extreme sport to enjoy the benefits of getting outdoors. For a more relaxing team building activity, why not try a gentle hike or ramble, or an adventure game outside? It’s a great way to refresh your senses, and will help your team to come back feeling recharged.

Discover a new talent

Learning a new skill – even if it not something related to what you might normally do, is an incredible mood booster and can enhance your sense of confidence. So why not help your team to discover talents that they might not have known they had?

Try a workshop or course in learning a new activity – from making a special dish to creating some artwork.

Learning a new activity can help your team to rediscover their creative energies, as they go back to basics and discover how to do something new. But it can also help them to channel this back into their roles, as they are reminded of how to think in a creative way once again.

Bond on a hunt

One of the most important things in a team is a sense of bonding and togetherness, and revitalising this feeling can really help to increase motivation across the whole team.

And one of the best ways to encourage a team to get together is by taking part in a fun group activity – why not try a treasure hunt or activity game? These are great ways of encouraging group communication, sharing information and learning to listen to each other.

You can do these both indoors and out, making these a great team building exercise to try when you prefer to stay out of the elements!

How do you help your team feel inspired and motivated when they’re in a slump? Share you ideas with us – we’d love to hear them!

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