Planning a Business Event? Here’s How You Can Make Sure It’s Brilliant!

Planning a Business EventThere are two types of business events.

The ones that stick in your memory, pop up in day dreams and have you revisiting the buzz and excitement of the day…

And the ones that don’t.

Of course, when you’re putting on an event – you want to make sure it’s not just memorable but that it feels pretty incredible to be a part of, too!

You might think that in order to create an amazing event, you’ve got to be a huge brand with a whopping budget to match. Good news – you don’t. All you do need is a heap of creativity, inspiration and some great ideas – to get you started, check out our tips below!

Get interactive

When you’re putting on an event, you really want to make sure that people feel able to get involved. After all, there’s nothing more boring than sitting back and being talked at for half a day, right?

So get interactive and encourage people to share their opinions and thoughts. To break the ice and get some ideas moving – literally – one of the simplest ways to add interaction to an event is by asking people to vote with their body.

How do you do that? Divide the room into sections and ask people to walk to whichever corner is marked with the idea that reaches out to them! It’s a great conversation starter, and a brilliant way of getting interaction over the group as a whole.

Want more ideas on how to add interactivity? Check out these great suggestions on the Event and Conference blog!

Stay relevant

This one is super important. You want your attendees to come away from your event feeling like they really benefited and gained something useful – so to do that, you’ve got to stay on point and be relevant!

You’ll need to do your research well before the event to make sure you understand what topics to present.

What are the issues businesses in your field are currently facing? And what kind of helpful ideas and suggestions can you share with them to make a difference?

Things will go wrong – so be prepared

It’s one of those pesky facts of life that no matter how much you check, double check and triple check, something will inevitably go wrong on the day.

And even if it’s just a little detail, that dent in your planning can disrupt your whole mind set.

But you don’t need to let that happen – by staying prepared for anything. Make sure that you’ve planned and rehearsed everything for the event, but don’t overdo this to the point that you can’t go off-script.

Instead, stay alert and sharp – and if something unplanned does crop up – be a little spontaneous and think of a creative way to adapt instead.

Most importantly, make sure that you feel relaxed and confident throughout the build up and the actual event. That way, if a sudden plot twist turns up on the horizon, you’ll be able to breeze through it like a pro!

What’s the most memorable business event you’ve ever been to? And what made it so special for you? Share with us in the comments!

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