Help Your Team Get Together With These Festive Team Building Ideas!

Image representing the team getting together with festive ideasThe festive holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen your team spirit – it is after the season for caring, sharing and togetherness!

And when it comes to your team, it’s also a time to reward them for all their hard work over the year.

So why not do it in style with some brilliant activities that will show how much you appreciate them – as well as helping your team get closer together, and be more creative in the New Year?

Put on a panto!

Pantos are a great festive tradition that work as a great team building exercise. All you need are some classic ingredients – a familiar fairy tale, a princess and an evil villain, and lots of over the top acting!

Why not set the task of organising and staging a panto to your team? This is a great opportunity to let everyone’s individual talents shine – from practical organisational skills to creative talents.

You don’t need to put on a massive theatrical performance – unless of course, your team really wants to! To make it more challenging and fun, you could try staging a mini panto in small groups, and limiting them to the props and tools that are only found around the workplace.

Host a sing-along

Fancy warming up your pipes?

If your team has a musical side to them, then a festive sing along is a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays, in a light hearted way. Why not organise a team choir, and host a carol-singing fundraiser?

Not only is it a great way to get the team to work together on a fun, creative group task – it’s also very rewarding.

Don’t worry if not everyone fancies singing in public though. For those who’d rather not sing out loud, you could encourage them to participate in other ways that show off their own skills, while still feeling like a part of the team. From designing posters to organising a social media campaign, everyone can enjoy this musical spirit of the season!

A Christmas party – with a twist

Bored of the usual Christmas party shenanigans?

While a Christmas work do is always a great team get-together, why not add some extra fun to the party with some motivating team activities? This great list of ideas from Director has some fantastic examples that’ll get your inspiration going!

Why not get your hands stuck in to some delicious cookery fun, with a festive-themed cookery workshop? Not only is it a great way for everyone to try their hand at a new skill and have fun, you’ll also all get to enjoy a fantastic meal together afterwards! Definitely a memorable and enjoyable way to reward your team.

What will you be doing with your team this Christmas? We’d love to hear your ideas, so share them with us!

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