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GPS & iPad Treasure Hunt In Barcelona

pic iPad

Discover Barcelona and have a whole lot of fun the modern way, with our GPS and iPad based Treasure Hunt!

Each team will be given their own iPad, which is already loaded up with the treasure hunt questions and clues that lead you around some of the coolest places in Barcelona, as well as with the various challenges set up along the way.

It’s really simple to get the hang of, and with the advantage of the GPS and map that features in the game, you can’t really get lost.

Our monitor is on hand from the start to the finish, to deliver the game, get everyone motivated, and to deliver the prize to the winning team.

Back at control headquarters, we can monitor all the teams in real-time, see how well they’re doing, where they are, how many questions they’ve answered. We’ve got the whole thing under control.

It’s a fantastic way of bringing technological advances into the gaming arena, creating a sort of “augmented reality” as Barcelona is given added layers that only the gamers can see.


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