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Geocaching in Barcelona

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Geocaching in Barcelona is an incredibly fun team building activity suitable for any age group.

This adventurous activity will take you on a journey through an urban environment or through the middle of nature. Your task will be to search and plant hidden treasures along the route. The group will be divided into teams and quickly trained on how to manipulate with the GPS. Each team will receive one GPS, coordinates and clues of each hidden treasure.

It will be up to each team to carefully choose the order in which they will search for the treasures. Each team should carefully organize and plan their route in the most efficient way and set their correct route into the GPS, so that at the end of the route they will be back at the starting point. The GPS will help you track and find all the treasures hidden in the activity area.

Once your team has found a treasure, save it in your treasure bag and leave another treasure for future players.

At the end of the set time, each team must return to the starting point. The winning team will have the most treasures.


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