7 Steps to Choosing an Events Planning Company

Corporate Catering in Spain

The events planning company you choose will make or break your whole event.

Unfortunately, it’s a field with plenty of not-so-great businesses around.  And it’s often hard to tell which planners are the gems and which are the duds.

A truly smooth event where everyone is delighted, and all your team-building goals are smashed, takes a great deal of professional experience, foresight, organisation and creativity by the event planner.  Successful events come down to the little things like knowing how long it takes a team of 30 to gather in this hotel foyer in the morning, or having a solid backup plan for if it suddenly rains on an outdoor activity.

Plus the little extra touches of flair and imagination, like treasure hunts with great game play built in, and fun prizes.  And event helpers will real passion, humour and personality.

So here are 7 steps to making sure you choose a gem;

1.      Choose your destination

Deciding where to go affects two key factors in your event; the sense of adventure, and the budget.

Counter-intuitively, events in more exotic locations like Spain are usually much cheaper than in the UK, while giving the whole event a much more exciting air of adventure.  Especially if you choose the right events company, who has all the right contacts and local knowledge to keep your weekend well inside your budget.

2.      Find three events companies who specialise in your chosen destination

A good Google search for event planners and your chosen destination should give you plenty of quality options.

Don’t spend too much time looking at too many companies – you’re unlikely to really improve your final choice this way, and will waste time and may get confused.  A large corporate event is a tricky enough thing to organise without overwhelming yourself with choices.

So just pick three to research in more depth.

3.      See what type of events they do

Do the types of events they do match your goals?   Do they have the right type of theme, and atmosphere you’re looking for?  If you’re focus is on team-building, do they have an exciting variety of team-building events?

4.      Look at their client testimonials

Take a good look at the kinds of testimonials they have and the caliber of clients they’ve had too.  The best events planning companies will have worked with household name brands – the big boys look for budget events too!

5.      If any aren’t up to scratch, ditch them

If you’re not impressed by any or all of your three event planners, drop them and find another, until you have three you’d definitely like to work with.

6.      Contact the companies

When you get in touch asking for a quote, pay attention to how promptly they respond.  And how friendly, helpful and flexible they are.  Make sure they have paid detailed attention to your enquiry and a good company should be listening to you carefully, and asking plenty of questions about your goals.

You should also be presented with a nice variety of options – a good events planner gives choices.

And of course, the budget is a factor too.  Although if you choose by price alone without looking at all the other factors you might regret it later!

7.      Choose the best one, and have a great event!

With this process followed carefully, you should be well on your way to an awesome event.

Do you have any questions?

We provide great budget events in Spain.  Get in touch!  We’re always happy to talk.

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