Why Teamwork Matters – and How to Inspire The Best

Image representing why teamwork mattersYou might have the most talented group of people working together – but there’s one vital ingredient that you still need to succeed.


Teamwork is about more than simply being able to share a task with each other, bounce ideas or work in the same space. Effective teamwork not only helps your organisation go further and be more productive – it can also help each person on the team to exceed their own potential – and discover how far they can really go.

Read on to find out why teamwork is so important – and how you can inspire it!

It improves efficiency and productivity

One of the greatest advantages of working together as a good team is that it can make life so much easier!

By making sure that everyone is cooperating together and communicating effectively, you can really help to make sure the workload is shared between everyone. If any issues arise at any time – they can be identified and tackled promptly. This can make sure you avoid getting bogged down in any difficulties or problems – and work together to resolve them as soon as possible.

A great way to work on this is by looking at how you approach a challenge as a team. Teambuilding exercises, such as completing a puzzle or treasure hunt with lots of clues are brilliant to develop these!

It brings a diverse range of views to the melting pot

Another brilliant advantage of working with a group of people is the sheer diversity of ideas you get to experience.

It’s great to have a wide variety of inspirations, ideas and approaches to problem-solving. Group brainstorming activities are a fantastic way of tackling a challenge together – as you can inspire each other to come up with potential solutions, discuss any obstacles that might arise, and reach an agreed decision as a group.

Encourage every member of your team to share their views and ideas. While brainstorming activities are great, you can also try different ways to do this. Why not have a simple suggestion box where people can put in their thoughts? Or try silent brainstorming – a clever technique that makes sure everyone has a voice and gets heard.

It boosts trust and synergy in the workplace

Teamwork isn’t always just about the team as a whole, or the organisation you’re a part of.

Each person on the team matters – and they have their own individual talents, strengths and challenges.

Working as a team helps you build closer bonds with each other – as you learn how each person helps to contribute to your overall success, you can also begin to appreciate their value and aspirations as individuals too.

Help your team build closer ties by encouraging them to enjoy a regular night out or meal together – without any of the expectations of the workplace, it can be a great opportunity to get to know one another better, and foster greater trust.

How do you work best as a team – and what do you like to do to nurture teamwork? Share your thoughts with us!

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