The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Teambuilding Activities

Indoor Team Building Activity

Come wind or rain, your team will be laughing at your next team-building event. Because with the right indoor teambuilding activities, nothing can stop you!

And there’s so much to choose from. You could do back-to-back activities for days or even weeks on end, no problem. And an added bonus is that indoor challenges are often the best way to meet a tight budget.

This list should fire up your imagination;

Food or Drink Activities

Everyone loves food, right?  And the most fun food is the food you can make. Not only will your team have a novel and exiting time, they’ll take home a skill to use any time in future too!

Cocktail making – a little taste of mixology is a fun way to start any evening. And it combines learning anew skill, possible small teamwork and a fun result that’ll carry you into an exciting evening.

Sushi making – everyone loves the hands-on element of making tasty sushi. Again, you can make it into a group competition activity.

Cooking competitions – one of our faves is paella-cooking competitions. Because you can have teams of 3 or 4 people competing.

Chocolate making – aha, here’s the cheeky one! Who could resist a chocolate making evening or competition? We can’t that’s for sure.

Puzzles and challenges

Put the minds and ingenuity of your teams to the test with clever puzzles and games to compete to complete!

Crime scene – enjoy a great thriller activity, where everyone is given a role to play. And we’ve all got to work out whodunit!

Crystal maze challenges – any puzzle-challenge similar to the classic TV program, The Crystal Maze, makes a fantastic fun activity.

Rollercoaster model-making – any challenge that requires a clever rollercoaster to be made, which requires a ball to pass from one end to the other smoothly, will certainly put you team’s grey matter to the test.

Rat Trap – remember that classic game Mouse Trap?  Where you had to balance all the pieces in the perfect places so the ball could make it to the end and trap the mouse. Well imagine a human-sized one. And then have two teams compete!

Musical activities

Nothing brings people into the moment quite like music and a good beat. Especially if everyone’s helping to make it!

Drum beats – give everyone a drum, or percussion instrument, and let the tribal rhythm-creation begin. There’s something magical about everyone creating the beat and getting into perfect unison.

Haka – learn the New Zealand Haka! Build up that aggression and let it out in a terrifying chant. Loads of fun and a great morale booster.

Artistic activities

Time to really boost your team’s creativity. Artistic challenges can be the most fun indoor teambuilding activities of all. As well as a great experience, you all have fantastic and unique mementos to take home too.

Plasti-scene – create plasticine characters and your very own freeze-frame story! Wallace and Gromit eat your heart out.

Movie making – lights, camera, action!  Make movies in teams along a certain theme and competing for quality. Fantastic fun, and watch the stars in their eyes shine.

Team ice carving – what a unique, elegant and fun activity. Carving wonderful creatures, images and figurines out of ice! The products of this one won’t last, but the memories will.

There are hundreds more fantastic indoor activities – as many as we can imagine. So never let the weather spoil your weekend again. And if you need help thinking up ideas or providing them, get in touch, we’d be happy to assist!

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