5 Tips to Finding a Great Corporate Event Planning Business

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For a smooth and successful corporate event which combines the right balance of fun, professionalism and hitting all your goals, you have to be somewhat picky with who you hire to help.

You want an event planning business with a great depth of experience, an ability to carefully understand and creatively adapt to your specific goals, and of course the capability to deliver massive value while meeting your budget. The five golden tips below should help you make a good decision, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have directly.

Tip One – Look for Credentials

Nothing tells you about the value you will get faster than the stories of other companies similar to you with an event provider.
We share the stories and testimonials of happy clients like Pepsi, UBS, Mars, GlaxoSmithKline and Bbraun as our credentials (see here). Because no amount of us singing our own praises can compare with a few words of praise from household names. So for every events company you approach, ask who have they got speaking for them?

Tip Two – Find a Destination Specialist

You may have a particular destination in mind, perhaps your locality, or somewhere abroad like Spain for the cost-savings and sunny adventure. Many event companies say they cover all sorts of areas, and they spread themselves very thin. Then once you have signed up they scrabble around trying to find activity organisers in that locality to sort out the event.

Check that the company is indeed a specialist in the destination you have chosen. Ask them questions about what they recommend, scour their website. Be a detective. A true destination specialist has years of experience and contacts in that area, dealing with the locals and potential problems. They are ready to make your event successful.

Tip Three – Ask for Three Quotes

There’s no harm in comparing quotes. And you should let the companies know you are doing it too. You will save money this way. But no more than 3, as it can get confusing and time consuming comparing too many options.

Tip Four – Ask Them for Activity Recommendations

There are three good reasons to ask the event planning company for their recommendations. Firstly, it will tell you how well they are listening and understanding your goals and specific needs. Also, their advice will give you an idea of just how experienced they are in the particular kind of event you’re planning.

Thirdly, a good events company simply has a vast amount of experience, and you can tap into that. Even if you have a sure idea of what you want to do, ask them what they recommend – they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t a dozen times.

You can also ask them for planning tips, there’s always something you didn’t think of.

Tip Five – Plan Way, Way in Advance

If you haven’t already done this, and you have an event you need to sort out very soon, don’t panic. Just make sure you choose a really good company who can sort things out quickly and professionally for you.

But as some general solid advice, you will save a great deal of stress, money and mistakes by starting nice and early – several months in advance.

Do you have any questions about an upcoming event you have?
Ask away, we’re happy to help!

And we’d be delighted to plan your event, contact us today for a free quote here

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