Team Building Secret Agent Spy Hunt!

Team Building Secret Agent Spy Hunt!

Discover the astonishing cities in Spain whilst racing against the clock to be the first Spy Team to rescue the stolen government Top Secret file before it´s too late!

The Mission

A team of leading criminals has stolen some information on a disk that could destroy the country. They are threatening to sell the disk in 4 hours’ time to the highest criminal-mastermind bidder. You are top secret agents, trained to fight crime and save your country. Your mission is to recover this disk at all costs.

The Challenge

The government believes you´ll work more efficiently in teams. So you´ll be competing against each other, with the winning team receiving a well-deserved fabulous reward of sparkling cava & Spanish treats!

Put in your Spy Teams, once the briefing is over you´ll be provided with your equipment, gadgets and secret service packs.
Setting off, you´ll follow the map to find and decipher hidden clues, completing tasks and challenges whilst exploring the most beautiful and excitingparts of Valencia, focussing on the historic old barrio and centre of the city.

During the mission you´ll have to find undercover agents to get further clues from, one of whom will provide you with a delicious glass of wine to help you on your way, along with taking secret photos and videos using your hidden spy cameras – but make sure you don´t get caught taking the secret photos by the undercover agents! The idea is to have fun and meet people as you go along, the best way to get to see the city of Valencia.

The mission ends at the HQ, where each team will race against to clock to complete the final task that uncovers the file location, winning the prize.

How long does it take?

Approximately 3 hours, plenty of time to complete your mission and relax in sunny outdoor terrace bars along the way!

This exciting Team Building activity takes place in many locations across Spain. Please contact us for further details.